105 inch UHD Curved Tv

After Curved Surface Phone, Samsung and LG are Ready to unveil 105 inch Curved Surface TV

If you are a Home Cinema Enthusiast, LG and Samsungs’ Next Ultra HD TV, 105 inch most probably a perfect match for you. After Lunching Curved Surface to provide flexibility to users, LG and Samsung are ready to provide such wide 105 inch Curved Surface TV to give an in depth watching quality on TV. A detail presentation will be done in coming CES 2014, Both LG and Samsung announced late evening on Wednesday. So far a few specifications are known, so you may take whole scenario as a Movie Trailer.

You can already imagine, this UHD curve TV will definitely rule coming CES 2014. As per Data, LG’s UHD TV model name is 105UB9 with a screen resolution 5120 x 2160. LG is demanding it as one of the largest TV ever. This 11 million pixel curve surface TV uses LCD, instead of OLED. It supports 3D viewing with 240 HZ motion smoothing technology.

LG says the display renders the minutest detail in breathtaking clarity to create an unprecedented level of viewer immersion. This resolution is proof of their continued leadership in the next generation display market, offering exceptional world-class value to our customers. To prevent color leaking, LG has improved TFT technology to provide a pleasant viewing from any angle.

105 inch UHD Curved Tv

On other side, South Korean Giant, Samsung also listed itself in Making Curve Surface TV category to run healthy competition. Curve Surface TV product from Samsung holds tightly the some quality features like LG TV. Samsung Curved Surface TV is also 105 inch wide, with a screen resolution of 5120 x 2160 like LG’s. Quadmatic Picture Engine will deliver all ultra HD quality. The picture quality algorithm adds an in depth viewing pictures on TV. Samsung commented, this first ever curve surface TV from Samsung will provide a true optimizing consumer viewing environments at CES 2014.

No announcement of Prices yet. We can guess, it will be tagged with a High Price.  LG already unveiled a 77 inch curve surface TV earlier. The battle ground is already ON for this two giant. Both TV  are using 21:9 aspect ratios. They can fulfill your IMAX experience just right inside your living room, but truly they are only appealing to a narrow market. Both TV makers are hoping a better market for this large curve surface TV in coming year 2014.

Consider this news as Christmas Gift from Samsung and LG.

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