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Apple Vs Samsung: The Hot Tech War Ever

It was expected in Aug, 2013, the battle ground will be ON for Apple and Samsung with the release of Apple iPhone 5S, 5C and Samsung Galaxy Note III + Gear. As usual, the war is intensified. One of the top executive of Apple testified last day [Nov, 2013], that their iconic and revolutionary product iPhone , iPad are being imitated by Samsung Electronics Co , which in turn , hurting Apple’s sales. Some days back, you must have heard how much percentage of Apple’s Market share gone down.

Apple, best known for Innovation and Samsung whose products closely resembles its Apple counterpart, best known for delivering products at affordable price. A Samsung Galexy note III costs around approx Rs 47K, where An apple 5s piece costs around apron Rs53k.In arguably, Customers in developing countries like India, love to spend their money on a Samsung Product and hardly put attention on an Apple, even if it’s good to consume. So far, Samsung is ruling in Indian Market leaving behind Apple. Though Apple Inc’s smart phone sales reached 30.3 millions, it would have been even greater. A recent research concluded, Indians voted Price of 5S and 5C are too high for them.

Apple 5s and Samsung Galexy

How the Rivalry started?

In 2005, Apple needed a huge volume of flash memory for building their innovative products and Samsung enjoying a sharp 50% memory market share at that time. It led them to go for a partnership. The partnership helped duo to find out the strategies, operations being carried out by them. Samsung enjoyed the sole supplier of processors of iPhone to Apple Inc. It was a realization by Samsung at that time; How the Smart phone idea of Apple would hit the market in a great possible way.

The heavyweight war started, when Samsung released Galexy tab in 2011. Prior to that, Samsung lunched a Smart phone, The Omnia, a windows based product in 2009. But It remained unable to drag the customers’ attention towards it. May you call it a frustration for Samsung, Samsung’s then president stated: “The popularity of iPhone is mere result of excitement done by some [Apple] fanatics?”.


In early 2010, a statement by Samsung business head J K Shin clearly indicated Samsung would enter in to battleground against Apple. He quoted”The iPhone emergences means, the time we have to change our methods has arrived.”  [According to an Email filed in U.S Court]. In later part of 2010, Samsung brought out Galexy S. It had an OS designed by Google, named Android. The look was very much similar to iPhone. And from here, Apple got a fear. This fear got confirmed with the release of Galexy tab. It was the 1st step taken by Samsung to beat the Apple product.

design patent

Apple filed a case against Samsung in April 2011 claiming Samsung is copying its products, which putting the company in heavy loss. The jury convinced Samsung copied many iPhone features, hence imposed a heavy fine on Samsung , 1$ billion and instructed to pay the same to Apple. However, Lucy Koh , an U.S District Judge claimed a retrial on the case , stating Samsung used a different OS Android developed by Google. In a return Argument, Apple demanded $379.8 million for violating five patents of iPhone and an additional $114 million for the Company’s loss in boosting the sale of iPhone. However Samsung says it should only pay $52.7 million to Apple.


On Friday, Schiller the Marketing chief of Apple stated, “Samsung has copied many essential features of Apple, the very essence that Apple is all about…” In return Price, Samsung Attorney, asked”Apple does not own patent on product being beautiful or sexy. Is that correct?”. Price often tried to make Schiller admit Apple iPad mini landed only to beat the tablet industry. But Schiller, repeating the culture of Apple Inc , cleared , “iPad Mini landed to give the world a better product.” Guess out the height of rivalry between the duos. We are predicting another War waiting, when Apple will release its 1st curve phone.

Who will Rule?

Technology is changing drastically. The one, who will act like a true personal assistant definitely going to win. However, It will be difficult to predict the answer of this question. But in India, as long as Apple will not consider reducing the price of the product, Samsung with Android OS, developed by Google will rule for some more years. Some research showing, Samsung’s effective business model helping it in more great ways in comparison to Apple Inc and boosting its product sales.

Needless to say, the rivalry between the duo, keeping them on top, pushing other competitors like HTC , Blackberry etc. in the stack.

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