Back Up WhatsApp Messages, Photos And Videos To Google Drive

Memories do play an extremely vital role in everyone’s life. Whether its a text or an Image or a video, they help us reconnect with our beloved ones. And most of our memories are undoubtedly contained by WhatsApp which is installed on your mobile phone. No one probably wants there memories to be stored in a phone which can be damaged, broken or stolen. Because you can afford a phone but you can not afford loosing your memories.

So what if there was a safe place to back up your memories forever. Now WhatsApp on Android lets you do that. You can now keep a private back up of your WhatsApp Conversation on your Google Drive and access them in your new devices. This has been in the talk for the past couple of Months and today it has been Confirmed by both Google and WhatsApp on blog posts.

BAck up your WhatsApp Conversation on Google Drive

BAck up your WhatsApp Conversation on Google Drive


It looks like this is Anrdoid-only and your photos and videos aren’t routed to Google Photos automatically. But we do expect this functionality to get smarter over time. iOS users will probably not get this sooner. So for them a quick fix is to get an Old Android device from their friend.


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