How to Disable Auto Play in Facebook

Do you update your mobile apps regularly? If you do then you must be facing a problem that most of us are facing today. Its because Facebook has just added a new feature that auto plays videos on your timeline. Though this seems like a really cool feature, But it comes with the cost of some Data charges. And in a country like ours, where data is so expensive, we can’t really afford spending a few KB of data. So here are few steps which can enable you to stop your videos being automatically played.

The recent update has been there in all the major platforms like Web, Android and iOs. So find out yours proper way of Getting it done from the followings.

  • iOS
FB Autoplay

FB Autoplay

Go to your settings, scroll down until you find Facebook and then select Settings again. Once there you could choose either ‘Wi-Fi Only’ or switch it off entirely.

  • Android
Android FB AutoPlay

Android FB AutoPlay

On your android phone Go to your Facebook app and then Go to settings. There you will be finding your way to disable Auto play.

  • Web
Web Fb

Web Fb

On the web you can also go to settings and then go to Video and turn off Auto play.

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