Finally GitHub has a self-paced training course in its List

If you are a developer in a true sense then you must be knowing the pain of Managing Source code of your project. There have been several Centralized and Distributed source control system out there for solving this particular problem. But distributed systems, specially GIT has been seen to be owning a lots of hearts of developers.

Learning curve of GIT is always considered to be a difficult one as compared to the Centralized systems due to the unavailability of a good GUI tool. But the introduction of tools like Visual Studio GIT integration, GitHub client and Source Tree seems to have reduced these distance a lot. You cant utilize the full power of Git until and unless you use it with either GitHub or Gitlab or any other service providing Git repos.

Finally the wait is over, GitHub has something for the developer community. Its introducing a new course on Git and GitHub for the public for free and it is called “GitHub for Developers

GitHub for Developers is a self-paced course that distills best practices and documentation into a focused series of interactive lessons and covers the two most important things you need to know:

  1. Using Git to confidently manage your source code
  2. Using GitHub to collaborate with your team

GitHub for Developers is designed for command-line users who are new to Git and GitHub. This course will help you master the basics of both, from performing essential Git operations to dealing with merge conflicts in Pull Requests. You will even rewrite a bit of project history and learn how to undo almost anything with Git. The course will cover the following sections:

  • Section 1: Introducing Git and GitHub
  • Section 2: Getting Started with Collaboration
  • Section 3: The GitHub Workflow: Branching and Committing
  • Section 4: The GitHub Workflow: Pull Requests
  • Section 5: Setting up Git
  • Section 6: Using GitHub Locally
  • Section 7: The Workflow End-to-End
  • Section 8: Working with Local Files
  • Section 9: Fixing Common Issues with Git
  • Section 10: Creating Shortcuts

We’ve chosen the Wheelhouse education platform to deliver realistic, hands-on projects for an immersive learning experience. You will watch short videos from the GitHub training team, complete exercises to put your new knowledge to work, and receive immediate feedback on the tasks you complete. You will even be guided in practicing skills within your personal account.

For a limited time, we’re teaming up with Wheelhouse to offer complimentary access to the GitHub for Developers self-paced course in exchange for your feedback.

To get started, go to and click the On Demand tab.

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