Know Before you go:

  1. What is wordpress ?
  2. How to install wordpress?


A wordpress theme can be installed more than one ways. This CMS always provide a room for the non techie users, to make their work much easier. In its most convenient, widely used and easy process, a user searches for a theme, press an installation option, and the job is done. This is the most common and popular process. In other way, an user download the theme, upload the same and then install it. We can upload the theme using FTP too (FTP details is provided by your Hosting provider). But it will take some time and you will get irritated too, if you don’t have the patience to kill your time. Uploading themes via FTP, mostly no one follows. We all are followers of Easy Rolling Wheel.:D Well, here we go in detail with screenshots.

  1. Process1
  2. Process2-Uploading the theme from your computer [USING DASHBOARD]
  3. Process3- Uploading the theme using FTP

If you are installing it in your local server, find step by step procedure at the end of the post.


STEP1: Login to your Dashboard, entering username and password details at www.yourdomainname.com/wp-login.php.            

STEP2:      Choose Appearance>Themes. Click on themes.

Theme location in wordpress

You will be redirected to Theme window with tabs “Manage Themes/Install Themes”. Manage Themes shows “Your Current installed Active theme and list of other inactive Themes if there is any”.  To install a Theme, Choose the tab Install Themes. You will find a screen like follows.

install option

Type the kind of themes like, Business, Portfolio, Responsive etc, you want. Hit the “Search” Theme button. Wait for some seconds, a list of themes matching your query will appear. Select your Themes. Below that theme, find “Install Theme” option. Click on it.

installing theme  

STEP3:  The installation process will take some time. After installation process, it will provide a option with “Activate /Return to theme installer”.

6 activate STEP4: To make the currently installed theme your website skin, click on “Activate this theme.”  Visit your site to check the effect. Note: You may find, the installed theme appearance is not matching with the screenshot, you have seen earlier before the installation process. Don’t get worried.  Everything is ready, to serve you. The web will look exactly like the theme screenshot, after some customization from Dashboard>Appearance>Theme Option.


Open http://wordpress.org/themes/ . Find the theme you want. Ex: Type the theme name “Responsive. Hit Search Themes. Click on it.

theme search

Download the theme. It will be in ZIP format. Don’t extract it.


STEP1: Repeat step-1 of automatic installation process.

STEP2:      Choose Appearance>Themes. Click on themes. Choose the tab Install Themes. Select “Upload ” option , presented side to ‘Search’ option.

4   Click on “Choose file”. Browse the files. Select the downloaded themes in ZIP format. Click “Install Now”.

STEP5:  An activation of Theme option will appear. Click on it to activate your theme. Visit your site. Job is done.


STEP1: Find your opted theme from www.wordpress.org or from any other site. Download it. It is in ZIP format. Extract the folder.

STEP2: Open your FTP user. Enter all the details it asked. FTP username and password is provided by your Hosting Service provider. Leave port option empty.Select Quick Connect.


STEP3:  After successful Connection, a message will appear “Connection Established”.


You are finding 2 columns here. 1.Local Site 2.Remote site STEP4: On remote site section, select the folder where your wordpress file resides. Mostly its root directory. Select the path wp-content>wp-theme.

STEP5: From local site column, select the location of the extracted theme[Ex : Unzipped file of responsive theme]. Here the file is in Drive D > Responsive theme.


STEP6: Select the theme. Right Click on it. Select Upload.


STEP6: Open your Dashboard. Go to Appearance> Themes. On manage theme tab, you will find the theme, you have just installed. Activate the theme and visit your site to check how it looks like, Else you can go for a Preview option.


As you are using your local server , So Process1 will not work. Go for Process2. Else,

  1. Download the theme from www.wordpress.org/themes.
  2. Unzipp the file.
  3. Copy the file .
  4. Paste in

If using XAMPP , Paste in the path

(1)    c/xampp/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/wp-themes If you have installed wordpress in another folder , for example : In Site1 folder , we have put wordpress during installation of wordpress, then path selection will be as follows:

(2)    c/xampp/htdocs/Site1/wordpress/wp-content/wp-themes

If using WAMP, Paste in

(1)    c/wamp/www/wordpress/wp-content/wp-themes

If you have installed wordpress in another folder , for example : In Site1 folder , we have put wordpress during installation of wordpress, then path selection will be as follows:

(2)    c/wamp/www/Site1wordpress/wp-content/wp-themes   Access your Dashboard>Themes. You will find your theme. Activate the theme and visit your site.

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