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HOW TO INSTALL WORDPRESS Locally on Your Computer? [With Screenshots]

Many webhosts now offering “One Click Install” of WordPress for your website. You don’t have to do anything here , only  wait for some minutes after a simple click . It’s called automatic  installation mode. This Guide is for “Installing WordPress ” Locally   to your Computer using a localhost . Process of Installing WordPress locally is very much similar to Installing wordpress , Manually , on your website.


To access your web all over the world, you need a Hosting Provider (Ex  GoDaddy , BlueHost etc) who offers a Home for your website. You have to buy some space from their Public Server for doing the same. Some hosting companies offering “hosting” free . Ex . Confirmed, If you using a free hosting service, you are losing many important services, offered in a Paid Hosting. Your own PC can act as a “server”, if it is connected to any network.  In whole, A webhost solution provider helps you, publishing your website worldwide.


A localhost helps you to test “How your website/blog looks” without any access to internet. Testing your blog/website in offline mode is a better option to see the Result of your Scientific Research on your website. It gives you a Room and environment of Internet, though actually it’s not connected to. It is very much useful when you are using a server-side language in building your web.

local host


WordPress uses PHP language. To run wordpress , our Host needs

1.PHP version 5.2.4 or greater

2.MySQL version 5.0 or greater


Hence we need , a localhost that supports PHP 5.2.4 or above and MySql v 5.0 or above. .Some of such popular localhosts are:

  1. XAMPP(For Linux , windows , Mac , solaris )
  2. WAMP(for Windows OS)
  3. MAMP (For MAC Operating System )

We are covering wordpress installation on xampp , here. For installation of Xampp on your PC , Refer “How to install xampp”.


STEP1:  Open your xampp control panel. Run Apache and My Sql module.

Starting xampp-stp1


Step2:  Open your browser. Type  “http://localhost/xampp/or if you have changed your port number from 80 to some other , type http://localhost:(yourgivenportnumber)/xampp/.

opening xampp homepage-stp2


Step3: Click on “phpmyadmin”. . Its under “Tool” section.

locating phpmyadmin


phpmyadmin home page-stp4


Step4:  Click on “Databases”.  Give any name you want in “Create database” form. We have put “techriff” here. Click on “Create”option. Your Database will be created.


creating database-4


After Clicking on “create” option, your database name appears as follows.

Note your Database name


appearance of database4-1


Step5:  Click on “USERS” tab.


user priviledge home page5


Click on “Add user”.


add user home5-1


Under “Login Information”,

  1. Add a username . We have put “admin” . Give a name of your choice.
  2. Under Host , select local host from dropdown menu.
  3. Under “password” section, put your password. You can leave this field empty. But it’s not a best practice.

Note Username and Password.

adding user details

Below “Database to user “ block ,  “Global priviledge” is there. Click on “Check all” . You will find all tiny boxs will be checked.

priviledge added

A “Go” option is present below. [Below right corner].  Click on that. A screen will appear as below. It shows the user overview that you have added recently.

showing user detail

So far, We have created a database and added a user .

Step6: Visit Download wordpress soft in zip format. Extract “wordpress” file from it.


  1. Open C Drive.  [Open the drive where you have installed xampp]
  2. Open Xampp folder.
  3. Open “htdocs” folder.

If you want to access your web via root directory i.e localhost/wordpress . You can directly paste the unzipped “wordpress” file to htdocs folder.



pasting wordpress in siteone folder

  1. Add a new folder and name it. We have named it “siteone”. Copy your “wordpress” folder and paste it in “siteone” folder.


Open this wordpress folder.  Find wp-config-sample file. We will edit this file . adding database name , username , and password. For editing this file , An editor soft is needed . We are using “Notepad++” Here. Download this editor from here.

After installing this editor , open wp-config-sample in notepad++.  Add database name , username and password that you have noted down.


adding detail od database and user

Save it as “wp-config” file .

Step8:  Open your Browser . Type “localhost/siteone/wordpress” . If you haven’t created siteone folder ,and directly pasted wordpress unzipped file into htdocs folder , Type , “localhost/wordpress”.

You will find a similar page below with a wordpress logo , if you have successfully configured “wp-config-sample” file.

wordpress installation home

Enter required datas and click “install wordpress”.

installing wordpress after entering details8

Voila ! Its Done . You will find a similar page as below.  Click on Login .

wordpress login

A page will be shown as below. Put your username and password and login.

wordpress login page finally


You will be redirected to your site Dashboard.  Visit your site clicking on your “Site Title”

visiting site


Its Done !.  Here is your site ar its simple form.

our site

To access your site dashboard from now onwards,

  1. Run your xampp .[apache and sql module]
  2. Open your browser
  3. Type “localhost/siteone(put the name of the folder where u pasted wordpress unzipped file)/wordpress/wp-login.php
  4. Put username and password detail. You will have access to your dashboard.
  5. You can access your site putting below url

localhost/siteone(put the name of the folder where u pasted wordpress unzipped file)/wordpress/


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