Now Blind People Can Read Using High –Tech Finger Reader

Some scientists of Massachusetts institute of technology have developed a wearable device that can help blind or visually impaired people to read. The device is a ring shaped structure that can be worn in finger. It can convert the text into digital form which makes reading easier.


     This finger reader technology is derived from a 3D printer. It has a small camera which scans the letter of the words. This scanned text can be used as soft copy for any device. An integrated voice system is installed in the device so that user can listen whatever they are reading &also print those words. The Software installed in the system tracks the finger movement & also vibrates when user goes off the page. According to developers the integrated voice system will be very helpful to users for day to day needs like reading hotel menus or daily newspaper or anything.

 Usually blind people or visually impaired people use braille writing system to read texts on paper. Then “Refreshable braille displays” came in order to read computer monitors. But it has lots of disadvantages. This device is not helpful to read from monitors because touching the screen with the tip of the finger would move text around, producing unintended results .Again Braille handwritings of all books are not available .According to some users this device can help them to access more & more number of books or articles, but it can never replace the braille reading. So it would be better if the demerits should be overcame soon.

 Though there are lots of flaws in this device but this technology has created a hope among both physically normal & differently abled people that the future is near.

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