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Samsung Announces The Music Streaming App Milk Music For All Galaxy Phones

Samsung has recently launched a free music streaming app Milk Music for all its Galaxy Family. After Google and Apple Samsung think it’s time to make the Galaxies even more desirable. Milk Music is free Internet radio Unlike Apple’s iTunes and it is exclusively for Samsung Galaxy phones. Galaxy owner can download it from the Google Play store.

milk music

customizable circular dial of Milk Music

The Milk Music comes with highly customizable user interface. It requires no login and comes with a circular knob like structure for navigation which will remind you the old and classy radios. You can customize the disk like structure according own test and preference as well as you can set the stations of your choice. Over 200+ stations and 13 million  songs are there. Furthermore each station have slider for further customization of songs of your choice like old, new, hip-hop like that. Apart from that you can also create the stations of your own.

milk music free online radio

milk music free online radio with over 200+ stations

Samsung claims Milk Music as a lag free and add free Internet Radio. So there will be no silence between the transition of one song to another or at the time of skipping a song. There will be absolutely no advertising. However it doesn’t support offline radio playback.For the timing milk music is available for Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 2 and it will be made available in Galaxy S5 after its lunch.

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