So what are smart bulbs? In today’s era everything is meant to be smart & energy efficient. That may be your mobile phone or your car or your home appliances or any electronic device. So why should electric bulbs stay behind. Broadly you can say that smart bulb is the future lighting system. They save electricity & emits light brighter than usual CFL. They are durable & don’t contain any mercury like fluorescent. Smart bulbs are nothing but a complicated combination of led/diodes & chips


         There are several smart bulbs launched in the market. Just before LG  smart led bulb Philips had launched its first  smart bulb “HUE”. It comes in a package which consists of three bulbs each of 8.5 watt & a bridge. you have to screw the bridge. This bridge connects the router with Wi-Fi. Just install the app in your android or ios then ready for the use. This bridge can support 50bulbs. Initially the user can control only brightness & color of the light. But later Philip updated its bulbs which can now do lot of new things. User can set timer to the bulb.

                                       SMART_ LED _BULB

            LG also has recently launched its first smart led bulb named as “smart lamp”. These bulbs can be controlled by smartphones. Just have to install the hardware, install the apps & good to go. These smart bulbs supports both android & ios os. These smart bulbs are Bluetooth/Wi-Fi powered, so that it can be controlled by smartphones or tablets wirelessly. But LG is recommending to use zig-bee technology to reduce power consumption. Unlike the Philips “hue” here you don’t have to install a bridge for installation of LG smart bulbs. Instead you can control the bulb through Bluetooth & Wi-Fi through his/her smartphone. It also offers some of the cool features when it is paired with phone. For instance if you are playing music it will flash according to music. The bulbs will flash whenever any call will come to the phone.


                         Samsung is also not behind in competition of smart bulb . Its first masterpiece “SMARTBULB” made an iconic launh in the market. After mobile, Samsung is planning to own the market by its smart bulb. Unlike Philips hue’s Wi-Fi & LG’s smart lamp’s Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity, Samsung gives direct control over the bulb. However you have to install a zigbee home automation network. Like other smart bulbs it has also cool feature like controlling  brightness & color of the bulb. you can also use these bulbs to make disco tricks.

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