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The new nexus 7

The new Google Nexus 7 Tabletwas recently lunched with some extra features to its predecessor lunched last year. The new one is only $30 more than the previous year’s Nexus 7 and it’s not at all that high amount for what extra they have packed inside the box. As Google is trying to make the device more powerful and better each time, every single dollar you pay is justified.

Even if it’s 30% cheaper than Apple’s iPad Mini, the hardware and features are impressive. Moreover it’s coming with the Android v4.3. Google has done a fabulous job, something for the competitor to catch up. Here comes the details.

nexus-7 (3)


Asus a Taiwan based company has designed the Nexus 7. The dimension being 7.87×4.49×0.34 inches (200x114x8.65mm) weighs 10.55 oz (229g),which is both 0.34” thinner in frame and 10.55 oz lighter in weight than it’s predecessor. It has got thinner left/right bezels, and the screen is not that wide like iPad Mini which makes you handle it comfortable even in one hand. It has a minimalistic design at it’s core and the screen looks pretty nicer and cleaner in comparison to other Android OS.


Though they haven’t increased the screen size, the resolution is enough to excite you. The new Nexus 7 feature 7” 1920×1200 IPS LCD display. The 323 ppi pixel density is amazing for this screen size compared to 216 ppi for that old model. It  also allows you multi touch.

Strong brightness output, balanced color production gives you much more clarity to whatever you watch.  Moreover everything got a sharp look. Due to the strong brightness it is also readable in the day light.

Processor and memory:

It runs on a quad-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 processor. Its enough for the tablet point of view to give the desirable speed and performance. The device is also packed with 2GB of RAM ,32GB of built-in storage and the Adreno 320 GPU. However you can’t expand the storage through microSD card as the slot is lacking.



The 5MP rear camera (auto focus) is a addition to the earlier version lunched last year, which had only a front facing camera for video calling. Although is packed with Android v4.3 there is no such noticeable new feature in Jelly Bean camera interface.

The rear camera takes quite decent photos in day light or in place where adequate amount of light is available. In low light condition the quality just goes down. The camera records a decent 1920×1080(1080 HD) video.

Interface and functionality:

As the device is packed with Android v4.3 Jelly Bean, there are lot of new features added to experience the pleasure of using the new Nexus 7.

Here is some new really cool features.

Restricted Profile:

This is really good one for those who are looking for a multiuser support Android OS. If your kids are using the tab at home then you can decide what they will access. You can block any apps you want. You can disable the browser. Moreover they will access what you want them to be. Like a admin you can access everything, but others will be access the thing that are set by/decided by you.

Bluetooth Smart Ready:

If you are using low energy Bluetooth smart accessories running under Android v4.3, then you will definitely like it. It will optimize the performance of those accessories device and consume low power.

Wireless Display:

It brings the content to big screen provided your television supports that.

Location awareness:

It contains a always on Wi-Fi feature which continuously provides location information even if the Wi-Fi is turned off without draining the battery.

Accelerated 3D graphics:

It makes games much more realistic to enjoy than ever before. It makes    graphically intensive games much more live.


Virtual Surrounds sound:

It houses two speakers on the left and right side of the tablet with stereo support. Although they are technically back facing, they are placed along the curved edge so that the sound will come out word not away from you. That provides a pleasant sound.


The on screen key board is just awesome for the typing of message. There is adequate amount of spacing is there for typing without much pause or accident.


It Supports Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth v4.0, NFC,GPs. Earlier at the time of lunch it was only available with Wi-Fi support but another version with LTE support has come out.


It is powered by a 3950 mAh built-in battery. Though it is less than it’s previous version , the battery optimized hardware will keep you going almost for 2.5 days of normal uses. It also has the facility of wireless charging.

Key features:

  • 7 inches 1920×1200 IPS LCD display with 323 ppi.
  • 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 processor.
  • 2GB of RAM ,32GB of built-in storage and the Adreno 320 GPU.
  • Android v4.3  Jelly Bean  OS.
  • Supports Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, LTE.
  • Have some features like  Restricted Profile, Bluetooth Smart Ready, Wireless Display, Location awareness, Accelerated 3D graphics, Virtual Surrounds sound, Messaging.
  • There few major disadvantage are lack of micriSD slot for storage expansion, camera lack flash.

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